Saturday, January 31, 2009

Twin Planks

It is a bit bizarre to workout Next to someone doing nearly the same thing, and yet not working together. Since Matt's training started, our workouts have been fairly similar. On days calling for 60min recovery on the trainer, we'll sit and spin and chat and watch Simpsons commentary on DVD. On days when we need to work out, chances are you'll find us side by side, ipods loaded, earbuds secure, working up a sweat a mere 2 feet from each other. But there we spin, to our slightly different plan, to different music, in our own worlds - the focus is internal, intent.

When I'm not pushing a hard interval, I might notice the frequency he changes gears. When he finishes an interval, I'll reach over and pat his back - a little tiny bit of comeraderie breaching the focus. I try not to look at the massive watts he's putting out. I try to not compare those to my own.

Then there's Ab Wars. Throw down on yoga mats. Who can plank longer? Oh yeah? What about Side planks?! Kettlebell action? There's no talking - just the ragged inhales while the core shakes trying to hold you up.

We progress at our own pace, but congratulate each other as soon as we step out of the pain locker. It'll be there for us again tomorrow.

Monday, January 26, 2009


This Chinese New Year begins on January 26, 2009, and ends on February 13, 2010.
This brings a serious and conservative energy... Earth Ox energy promises you the gifts of endurance, discipline, and will power so you can reach your goals next year! Stubborn Earth Ox gives you greater determination and strength to endure challenges and trials.
Endurance, discipline, will power, determination, and strength. It sounds like my training plan, goals, and execution rolled in to one. Huzzah, mr.Ox, Huzzah!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tiny Update

Spinning in the garage day after day is hard work. We got a break on Sunday, and went out on the road for the first time in... a month? It was Cold (31) and slow (endurance effort) but so very nice to be out in the world again. Tuesday's multitude of Max Efforts brought me to tears, and very nearly brought out my lunch. Yesterday was a recovery, which still meant an hour on the bike on a very hard saddle that I'm trying to love. Today put down a 5min max and 20min TT/max effort. It still feels weird to "go as hard as you can" for that long - figuring out how hard that really is, saving enough but not too much for the end.

I haven't been eating well enough, and think it's time to get back on thedailyplate so I can track overall consumption in addition to my carb/protein/fat ratios to make sure I am on track. I'd love for this post to be an epic tale of training and progress - but my legs are tired and I'm ready to sleep. Maybe tomorrow inspiration will strike...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

I've made resolutions in the past. I've made piles of resolutions, set goals, deadlines, measures... and some I've even accomplished. Of course, many others I did not. Like learning a new language or achieving some glorified ideal I set for myself.

This year I am approaching things a little differently. I will still apply the knowledge I have in how to eat well. I will continue to explore the balance between being strictly healthy and decadently indulgent. I will continue to workout ~ thankfully I don't have to fret over the Plan, I simply need to Execute. I will continue to embrace buying less and making more ~ and being aware of packaging and the impact & source of said purchases. I won't be perfect, but I will be aware.

But as for resolutions, this year there is only One.

Mise en Place

The kitchen was the instigator. I really need to stop treating dishes like left overs, and hoping that they'll reduce on their own. My grandparents used to have a house rule that they wouldn't go to bed until all the dishes were done ~ and while I don't intend to save dishes until 10pm, I am inspired by having a clean start every morning.

Which spills over, frankly, to the rest of my environment. I know the zen of clean. I don't even mind cleaning all that much - it's just usually overwhelming and a low priority. So, if I can tackle an area at a time and find a place for everything, then I can work to put everything in its place!

I know this won't happen overnight. But maybe by March I'll complete a first pass of the entire house, and from there transition to maintenance. I won't have to scramble to tidy up if someone stops by. I won't have to dig for recipe cards or pens or sigh at a stack of folded laundry. Because it will have a place that is easy to identify, easy to pull from and return to.

Not museum clean. Not OCD on the folding of towels or alphabetizing tinned vegetables. Simple, Zen, organized, ready to use, livable, clean.

Oh, and Happy 2009 everyone!