Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Wishing Well

As we reflect not only on 2009, but the decade that is closing, and look forward to the awkward tween years of Y2K, it is time to focus on those things we wish different in our lives. I do not doubt this will be a year of change for us ~ I can almost taste it. Like the fresh slate of a house un-Christmafied, it is time to look at all things and see with new eyes where the possibilities lay.

So what do I wish for? On a global scale...

First, Do No Harm. This should be a moral requirement of every person, politic, corporation, and organization everywhere. This should apply not only to humans, but to our environment as well.

Universal Recess & Nap Time. Everyone should have the opportunity to partake in both, Every Day.

There should only be three kinds of garbage: Compost, Recycles, and bio-waste products. Abolish "garbage." Reduce or eliminate wasteful packaging. Replenish polar ice caps with large plastic islands (if we can fix the molecular plastic contamination / disintegration issue) to save the polar seals & bears.

For me, Personally...

Eat Responsibly. Don't waste calories on food that isn't good [tasting & for you]

Exercise with Glee. Hold on to the joy and power of what the body Can do. Learn how to manage frustration when expectations aren't met. Respect the need for rest & rebuilding.

Lead a purposeful life. From career to crafting, marriage, friendship, and charity... be purposeful, meaningful, helpful, and loving.

Happy New Year.
Yours, etc. etc.


Merry and Bright

Christmas was lovely ~ and as usual my darling husband spoiled me. My new mammoth food processor, which I already adore, simply dwarfs any other counter top appliance I own. This thing is a beast - and I love it. I whipped up some biscuits, and they were heavenly. Then I made eggplant Parmesan, and again, Yum. I find myself looking for recipes just so I can have an excuse to listen to the mighty whir of the Cuisinart. I might have to nickname it Gossamer, after the giant red THING from the ol' Bugs Bunny Toons. (Just a note, the machine even comes with a locking case for all the blade attachments.)

Yesterday I woke to a beautiful and clear pink sky. It was very cold out, so the dogs pranced over the frozen ground before turning to beg to get back inside & make with the treats. We dropped off the Mini for service, and mentioned that the forecast called for freezing rain, and ensured we could keep the loaner if it became difficult to get back in to the city. Sure enough, by mid afternoon facebook & twitter was filled with chatter of snow. It was falling, and heavily. You know it is a big deal when the distinction is made that it is sticking "on the Ground" in Portland. When we glanced out the window, it was lightly covering the grass and pavement. By the time we put on our new winter jackets, it was a solid white blanket. We walked thru the neighborhood (as did many of our neighbors) and watched it continue to fall. By that evening, we had about four inches of perfect snowball-fight snow, and were very glad to be safe and warm inside.

Tomorrow we venture over to our dear friend's house to celebrate New Years Eve, although we will miss the AZ portion of our group considerably. We're looking forward to fondue and cocktails, and ringing in the new year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stockings, Yo

NOT the original soundtrack, but Funny! And, the inspiration for some stockings I just HAD to make this year. Note to self - you Still hate using the sewing machine. I machine sewed the stockings & liner shapes together. Everything else was pieced by hand, and while time consuming was far less frustrating than trying to machine sew. The antlers were borrowed from our dogs... yes, our dogs have antler hats. They were far cuter than anything I could have tried to whip together.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009