Monday, June 21, 2010


It's hard to not be fascinated with the delicate Macaron.  For MIL's birthday, I decided to make a raspberry with chocolate ganache filling.  Unfortunately, I found out that a convection oven will turn the pink cookies a generic brown - but flavor was spot on.

For the ganache, I stayed with dark chocolate & coconut milk, piped and sandwiched.  For the gift, I packaged a box, wrapped them up in waxed paper, and voila!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Comics Confession

I grew up with Saturday Morning Cartoons.  You know, when the really Good Stuff was on.  And as I grew older, I never really outgrew animation.  Nor comics.  Which is probably why I'm such a fan of Futurama and Pixar and various online comics.  The new animated Neighbors from Hell?  Awesome.  Futurama coming back?  Double Awesome Salchow.  Drawing and humor and story telling?  I wish I had the talent trifecta.  I mean, Molly Crabapple's Puppet Makers?  Brilliant!

I can't start my day without catching up on my favorite comics.  These drawn worlds fascinate me.  And today, thanks to Scott Kurtz @ PVP Online, I am now enamored with The Abominable Charles ChristopherGo there, start at the beginning, and tell me if you could get thru without a tear.  I sure couldn't!  This is brilliant and moving.  Serioulsy, check it out!  And if you want to buy me the print or the book, hey, I won't complain!

Here's my current webcomic list, in addition to the two above:

Calamities of Nature
Complex Actions
dog eat doug
evil inc
/gu comics
mal and chad
Order of the Stick
real life comics
wapsi square
Wayfarers Moon
Xylia Tales
Yehuda Moon

So - what are your favorite web comics?  What else am I missing out on?  And do you have any sources for animated shorts?  Things like this?..