Friday, August 27, 2010

Ups & Downs

This Up is Down:  As a follow on to my last post - I'm happily amazed that I've been able to wrangle my eating habits back in control.  I've been tracking using thedailyplate & quickly adjusted intake volume & made smarter decisions, so that I wouldn't let one splurge turn into a lost day.  Huzzah!  The weight is starting to drop.

This Down is Down, and needs to get up:  Our younger dog injured his neck over the weekend, which led to far too many hours at the emergency vet where there was little we could do to help him.  He finally saw the neurosurgeon, and ended up having surgery.  He's now resting at home, unable to walk or hold himself up - so we're giving constant care, lots of PT, and hoping to see him bounce back. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mid year resolutions

As you might notice from the most recent posts, I’ve been on a bit of a Sweets kick. And, I’ll admit, dealing with fibro was a bit like pulling a parachute stop on a healthy lifestyle. Before all that hit, I was in a pretty good place, but I was trying to wing it. Trying to get past those final few pounts to my Ideal Goal Weight. Casino blings & flashy lights. Trying, without wanting to track, or to be That Anal about it. Because I’m smart right? I can do this. But the goal would start to slip… just a little further away… and so I set a high water mark – that if I hit That number, I get serious and Do Something About It. Right.

So, I plateaued just under that value. And I think I had a pretty good balance of mostly healthy & occasional treats. But I wasn’t working out like I used to. And I wasn’t cutting back on food - at all. And then the Full Stop came, and suddenly days roll in to weeks of no exercise. And I’m hungry. And a little bit feeling sorry for myself, and a little bit telling myself that I Deserve a treat. And days accumulated, and I bought shorts a size up. And here, today, two months later, those shorts Barely Fit. And I’ve blown past the high water mark by 10 Pounds. TEN. I mean seriously, what did I Think would happen? Now, I know some of you will size me up and say “you Aren’t Fat.” Or there is no Way I could possibly tip the scales to That degree. I get it. But I can’t let it go on like this. And since this blog is all about me anyway, I get to say No, this isn’t an acceptable trajectory.

So what am I gonna do about it?

One, I’ve contacted a couple friends, and will be more open with them about my progress, as my personal accountability and motivational team.

Two, I’m going to once again track my intake. Because I can’t do it all with fitness (and as a reminder by - fitness alone won’t fix it!) I will focus on the food, and add fitness as I’m able. A little editing, and a little more awareness, and that’ll put me back on track. Thankfully I’ve had my basic metabolic rate measured, so I have some factual data on where my caloric intake baseline needs to be.  In my case, that number is Quite a bit lower than web calculations give!  Even so, I still find TheDailyPlate to be the best resource for quick entry. (For deeper analysis, check out NutritionData – tho you might find you have to upload your food details.)

I wish I could rely on intuitive eating ~ but there are just so many bad habits to fall back on, far too easily.  Even with all the knowledge I have on eating healthfully, there is a lot of pre-programmed baggage that gets in the way.  As for goals?  I know where I want to be.  I could give you a size and a number, but I think this time I need to take that away. To put all the focus on behavior, and let the results follow. I’ll keep an eye on them, but not obsessively. 

One of my challenges is my sweet tooth, and general enjoyment of Really Good Food.  I acknowledge I need to have a little bit of this in my life, and getting back to tracking will help me ensure that I keep this to an appropriate portion of my intake. In my dream-life, I own a bakery that is half splurge, and half healthy but delicious treats. So, this seems like a great time to start exploring and testing out healthy treats that don’t break the caloric budget, so I can fill up that half of the shoppe. Something really delish, that doesn’t feel like you are Settling by eating healthier. Because really, No One loves Carob.

Another challenge is advanced planning. My new menu board keeps track of dinners, and I’m trying to get better about having emergency backup plans that don’t always end in Burgerville. I mean, I love it, but I don’t want to LOOK like I love it ;)

So, Self… good luck. You can do it!